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Callie Sinkinson. e-PRO, ABR

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Real Estate Outlook

   With interest rates still below 5%, the market appears to be seeing a slight improvement. :-) Spring is showing signs that the buyers are out there looking and buying!

    Many are uncomfortable saying that the bottom has been reached but in today's Realty Times Kenneth R. Harney has given us some food for thought on the subject:


"Mortgage applications for purchases of resale and new homes were up again -- eight percent for applications using conventional loans, and a remarkable 17 percent gain in applications to buy houses using low-downpayment FHA mortgages."

"Even Business Week, which has been particularly harsh on housing in recent years, ran a cover story about the turnaround getting underway -- focusing on hard-hit areas of Florida, California and Las Vegas, where sales have been rising fast and unsold inventory taking a plunge."


      This may be the right time to consider putting your home on the market....have you considered it? Click here to find the value of your home now. Or Twitter me here to talk about it.


        I feel like we are on our way back economically...it has been  a rough road. We have all known someone who has been affected and still might be as we move forward. If you know someone who is close to losing their home, please have them call me.There are ways to hold onto your home...you just need to ask!



Published Tuesday, April 14, 2009 9:47 AM by Callie Sinkinson. e-PRO,GRI


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